How to use Insta Save? Let’s discuss all about Insta Save here! About Insta Save There are so many applications to store images and videos from Instagram, but InstaSave is one of the best-selling and most-installable applications by iPhone and Android users. Indeed, Instagram does not allow users to store images and videos because they consider that each image and video are copyrighted. Insta Save is present, however, to allow you and other Instagram users to store images and videos from other people’s Instagram accounts, as long as the account is not privatized.

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Why can only save images and videos from un private accounts? The reason, to save through Insta Save you need the URL of the file. Meanwhile, images and videos from privileged accounts will not provide URLs. Applications made by D-studio has been installed as much as 10 million times by Android users. Insta Save also has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store. In fact, many Android users who write reviews on the Play Store that they are satisfied with compatible applications against Android phones Android based v4.0.3 on this. How to Download and Install Insta Save Given the increasingly modern era, now you can download an application directly from the official store provided by the operating system of the device you use.

Before we discuss about how to use Insta Save, we will provide information on how to download and install Insta Save: For iPhone users enter the App Store, while Android users can open Google Play Store from their device Type “Insta Save” in the search field, then press OK or icon illustrated Select the Insta Save app developed by D-studio Press the “Install” button, make sure your device has internet connection for this application to install on your device Wait a moment then Insta Save will be installed automatically on your device How to Insta Save Using In iPhone and Android Basically , there is no difference in how to use Insta Save on iPhone or Android. How to use in both smartphones is equally easy and not difficult. So much info from me, may be useful.